Ramadan Food Programme

Feed the fasting in 33 countries this Ramadan

This Ramadan we aim to distribute food packs in over 33 countries in the world, to the most needed. Our Islamic Relief offices ensure the food items meet the local diet but contain some element of staple foods such as rice, wheat, lentils and oil. Where malnutrition and food insecurity are prevalent, we encourage countries to increase the amount of food in these packages to ensure that they contain enough food of sufficient nutritional value.


can provide a family of six with a food pack to last a month

Eid Gifts

Bring a smile to a child's face

The children who will receive these Eid gifts are children who are facing poverty and the consequences of conflict. The global project consists of projects across 18 countries with gifts varying for each location. An Eid gift pack can include clothing, shoes, toys, school education kits, stationary, educational materials and sports equipment.


Can provide an Eid gift for a child

Palestine - Emergency Appeal

Provide life-saving aid for those affected by the violence in Gaza

Since October 7th, violence against Gaza has left the region in devastation. The violence are thought to have destroyed thousands of homes and displaced over 1.5 million people. Over 22,000 people have been killed and tens of thousands more injured. This number is expected to increase rapidly as the violence continue. As many are forced to seek shelter in schools and hospitals, they urgently need food and other basic survival items. Since the onset of the violence, Islamic Relief's teams in Gaza have been on the ground delivering lifesaving aid from within Gaza itself. Together with local partners, Islamic Relief have distributed over 2 million medical items, over 15,000 food packs, over 500,000 hot meals and other non-food items and medical supplies. This Ramadan, we will continue to support the people of Gaza with lifesaving aid and support them in rebuilding their lives as soon as possible.


can feed one person with a hot meal


can provide lifesaving essential items


can provide two families with lifesaving food


can provide emergency medical supplies

Afghanistan Earthquake Emergency

Provide life-saving aid for earthquake victims

In October 2023, three deadly earthquakes struck Afghanistan, tragically taking the lives of more than 2,000 people and leaving thousands injured. The earthquake struck the city of Herat, where 12 villages near the city of Herat have been affected. Hundreds of homes were flattened amid the earthquake. More than 3,000 homes have been completely destroyed and the number of people directly affected has risen to more than 40,000.
Islamic Relief are on the ground responding to the disaster providing primary health assistance, medicine, distribution of tents, cash vouchers and non-food items.


can provide hygiene and water storage kits for a displaced family


can provide a food pack for a displaced family


can provide a displaced family with emergency shelter

Rebuilding Syria

Supporting Physiotherapy Center and Prosthetic Workshops

In February 2023, Turkiye and Syria were struck by two enormous earthquakes where over 10.9 million people in Syria were affected. With the earthquake impacting 57 health facilities, access to free, quality healthcare is at an all-time high, especially among the most vulnerable groups, such as internally displaced people and people with disabilities, who compromise a high percentage of the population. Islamic Relief are aiding one physiotherapy centre and workshop providing prosthetic and bionic limbs to amputees in North West Syria. The center will provide stipends for running cost and maintenance to provide 16,800 free physiotherapy/rehabilitation sessions free of charge and one prosthetics workshop will receive equipment for the assistance of 696 amputees with upper and lower limbs and bionic limbs.


can support the physiotherapy center with medical equipment


can support the running costs of and the maintenance of physiotherapy workshops


can help one person receiving a prosthetic limb


Support families affected by floods in Kenya

In Autumn 2023, Kenya experienced severe flooding as a result of heavy rainfall taking the lives of over 100 people and displacing tens of thousands more. The floods have further crippled the already struggling region, which has also seen one of the worst droughts in history. There are fears that the recent floods will push those already struggling to the brink of survival. Islamic Relief is responding to the floods in Kenya in the regions of Garissa and Tana River counties who have been severely affected by the floods through the provision of unconditional cash transfer to 1,000 families.


support one family with a cash transfer for one month


support one family with a cash transfer for two months


support two families with cash transfers for three months

Niger - Water for Life

Support Sustainable Agriculture for Extreme Poor Households

Over the last couple of years humanitarian needs have significantly increased in Niger. High levels of extreme poverty, low quality and access to public services, violence and insecurity leading to displacement, climate change such as floods and droughts and food insecurity are only some of the challenges that Niger is facing. Islamic Relief is working in the Boboye in Dosso Region, to ensure extremely poor households can cover their basic needs of nutritious food and potable water. Islamic Relief are constructing two solar-powered boreholes, to provide water for life for 3,840 rightsholders.


can provide water for life for one person


can provide the funding to set up a village saving and loads association to support 20 women


can support tools and seeds for the market gardens


Health, Nutrition and Water Support

Yemen is one of the poorest countries in the region, with tens and thousands of lives lost and over 20 million people not knowing where their next meal will come from. preventable diseases and deaths among women and children. Tragically, a significant number of mothers and babies are losing their lives due to the lack of access to essential reproductive services. In order to address these challenges, Islamic Relief aims to address the urgent needs of people in Bilad at-Ta’am district by implementing three types of interventions; water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), and health and nutrition.


can provide specialised nutrition to two malnourished people


can support health facilities with water and hygiene components


can train health care workers in nutrition


Provision of Primary Health Care Services

Since 2011, Jordan alone has provided refuge to more than 1.36 million Syrians. 90% living among the local community in Amman and norther Jordan such as Al-Mafraq. Since the onset of the crisis in Syria, the health sector in Jordan has faced challenges with increased demand on healthcare facilities due to the influx of refugees with not enough bed space. Islamic Relief’s teams in Jordan are focusing on preserving access to essential primary health services for the most vulnerable refugees (women and girls at risk during the reproductive period, children, and patients with chronic life-threatening illnesses). The project will contribute to improving the health status of Syrian refugees and local community members, enabling access of the most vulnerable to health care services.


can cover the cost of treating one patient at the health centre


can fund a doctors salary for one month


can stock the health centre with medicine for 2 weeks


Eradicating Extreme Poverty

Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. The poverty rate in Bangladesh is 20.5% while the lower poverty line is 6.5%. In recent years, with the impact of COVID-19, climate change, high inflation and food prices, increase in fuel prices and a major currency devaluation, Bangladesh continues to face issues related to poverty. Kurigram, is one of the most poverty-stricken areas of Bangladesh. 71% of Kurigram live in poor conditions and below the poverty line. Unemployment is high, and agriculture only yields an average of less than £2.30 per day. Islamic Relief is supporting 6,000 households to be lifted out of extreme poverty and will ensure they have increased income and food security through knowledge and capacity building in income generating activities, provision of free financial services, cash grants, self-help groups and skills-training.


can train one person in income generating activities


can train 5 people in income generating activities


can provide a cash grant for one family


Providing Vulnerable Households with Bread

For over a decade, Syrian children, women and men have had to navigate the daily reality of indiscriminate aerial and ground bombardment, and the terrible living conditions of displacement camps, and harsh winter seasons. This has led to a deterioration of the humanitarian situation, which poses a threat to the lives of millions of vulnerable people if emergency assistance is not provided to them. Food aid remains essential to saving lives in the region. Bread (a staple food for individuals at every meal), must be provided to maintain their lives and dignity. Islamic Relief aims to support 7,300 families (36,500 rightsholders) with daily bread for a period of 14 months.


can support 100 families with fresh bread every day for a month


can support 500 families with fresh bread every day for a month


Rebuilding Homes in Pakistan

The unimaginable damage and destruction caused by the floods have taken over one third of the whole country, making these floods even worse than the floods in 2010.  The situation for flood-affected families has worsened and for those without adequate shelter, things will continue to deteriorate if steps are not taken quickly. Islamic Relief has started to work on providing permanent shelters for those in need. The houses are being built in the worst affected areas of Balochistan and Sindh and consists of a 14’x14’ room manufactured with thick brick walls to ensure a strong durable structure.


share of rebuilding a home


can construct a permanent house for one family


Emergency Appeal

More than 7.4 million people in Sudan have now been forced from their homes as the war spreads further across the country and the humanitarian crisis deteriorates even further. Islamic Relief aid workers say that many people displaced by the most recent fighting in central Sudan have walked 3-4 days with barely any food or water as they flee to try and find safety, sleeping out in the open by the roadside or under trees.

Islamic Relief is responding with emergency relief for those affected by the crisis in Sudan.


can provide a family in an emergency with water for a month


can provide two families with emergency food packs