Yemen Covid Response

Providing Covid-19 vaccinations for people in Yemen.

Over the past year in Yemen, a country mired in conflict and war, people cannot afford the luxuries of social distancing, masks and hospital equipment and medicines to fight Covid-19. Added to that, widespread malnutrition and famine has meant tackling the coronavirus is one of the many things the people of Yemen are having to manage. Islamic Relief, in support of UNICEF, will be providing vaccinations, equipment to manage the vaccines and training for health workers in Yemen.


can provide one person with the covid-19 vaccine in Yemen.


can train a health worker in Yemen on COVAX administration.


can provide 100 people with the covid-19 vaccine in Yemen.


Help the biggest humanitarian disaster of our time.

The UN has described the war in Syria as the “biggest humanitarian and refugee crisis of our time”. With millions of people driven from their homes, seeking refuge in other countries or displaced within Syria, families have limited access to food, water and healthcare. Islamic Relief has delivered over £320million worth of aid inside Syria. In 2021, we are committed to delivering a wide range of projects and support in various areas such as health, food, education, non-food items, water, sanitation and hygiene services to displaced Syrian refugees.


can provide a family with a hygiene kit.


can feed a Syrian family for 1 month.


can contribute towards urgent medical supplies.


can provide bread to 700 people displaced by the war.

Yemen Emergency Appeal

Send food to those on the brink of famine.

24 million people are now dependent on aid to survive with some 16.2million not knowing where the next meal will come from. At least one child dies every ten minutes in Yemen due to preventable diseases. Islamic Relief is targeting the immediate medical needs of malnourished children and breastfeeding mothers by providing essential high calorie nut paste, food packs and regular access to health care workers.


can provide life-saving nutritious nut paste.


can provide food for a family for one month.


can provide a health care worker with a monthly income to support health facilities.


Provide shelter to those families who have fled from violence.

Rakhine state has the highest incidence of poverty in Myanmar which is compounded with communal violence and ongoing tensions between religious communities. A large number of people are still living in camps for internally displaced people (IDP) based in Sittwe. Around 128,000 people are stranded in camps surrounding their village areas Islamic Relief aims to provide critical shelter to the most vulnerable families. These long lasting (ten year) shelters will not only provide safety and protection for women and children, but privacy and dignity to live, sleep and eat within their own place.


can provide food for a family for one month.


can provide shelter for 1 person.


can provide shelter for one family – 1 household with 6 Individuals.


can provide 1 long shelter to house 8 families (48 individuals).


Feed the fasting this Ramadan in 32 countries.

This Ramadan we aim to distribute food packs in over 32 counties in the world, to the most needed. Our Islamic Relief offices ensure the food items meet the local diet but contain some element of staple foods such as rice, wheat, lentils and oil. Where malnutrition and food insecurity are prevalent, we encourage countries to increase the amount of food in these packages to ensure that they contain enough food of sufficient nutritional value.  


can provide a family (of 6) with a food pack to last one month.


can provide 5 families (of 6) with a food pack to last one month.


can provide 10 families (of 6) with a food pack to last one month.

Eid Gifts

Bring a smile to a child this Eid.

The children who will receive these Eid gifts are children who are facing poverty and the consequences of conflict. The global project consists of 25 projects across various countries with gifts varying for each location. An Eid gift pack can include clothing, shoes, toys, school education kits, stationary, educational materials and sports equipment.


can provide an Eid Gift to a child.


can provide Eid gifts to 5 children


can provide Eid gifts to 10 children


Educate a child for a brighter future.

Afghanistan has been experiencing war and conflict for over four decades, which has functionally destroyed much of the country’s infrastructure and services. Children are at high risk of being unable to access education due to poverty, lack of awareness amongst caregivers, lack of social protections, children’s rights, child labour practices and cultural barriers restricting girls from attending school. Vulnerable children cannot afford to pay school fees, buy books, uniforms or pay for transport costs. Those from the most deprived families have no option but to enter them into hard and hazardous child labour jobs to support the family. With this holistic project, Islamic Relief aims to provide 370 of the most vulnerable children in Jalalabad with a formal education - up to grade 9. The project will provide teacher salaries, education materials as well as additional running costs for the school.


can give a child access to formal education for a year 


can give 2 children access to formal education for a year


can give 3 children access to formal education for a year.


Help a widow to become independent and provide for her family.

Kurigram is one the most destitute areas of Bangladesh with 71% of people living below the poverty line. Death rates are increasing due to malnutrition, disease, accidents and natural disasters. Within this community, the most vulnerable are female-headed households supporting many children alone. This long-term project aims to address extreme poverty and socio-economic exclusion and sustainable livelihoods development of the targeted households by engaging women in environmentally friendly and adaptive micro-enterprises. New employment opportunities are being established for the poor rural women including on-farm and off-farm micro-enterprise development and value chain and market linkage processes. We will improve access to markets and enable new market opportunities. We will form grassroots level women entrepreneur groups; savings mobilisation; enterprise start-up financial support; created business risk fund/’takaful’ management; group led loan revolving funds; various skills development training on micro-enterprises. The project will ensure increased incomes of the targeted beneficiaries’ households which will contribute to sustainable livelihoods at the end of the project.


can provide one widow or vulnerable woman with the means to have a sustainable income for her and her family


can provide 2 widows or vulnerable women with the means to have a sustainable income for her and her family


can provide 3 widows or vulnerable woman with the means to have a sustainable income for themselves and their families


Provide Water for life to those affected by drought.

Somalia has an average annual rainfall of only 300mm. Without access to basic water and sanitation services, there is no supply for drinking, cooking, cleaning, farming and there is a poor practice of good hygiene as well as danger of water-borne diseases like diarrhoea and cholera. During prolonged dry periods, water trucking is the only means to obtain water for both humans and livestock. People have to travel great lengths to access water which also puts women and children at risk. Islamic Relief will drill and equip one new borehole to improve access to safe clean water to 3,000 drought-affected vulnerable people. The borehole system will be fitted with a solar powered generator pumping fresh water from deep under the ground and storing it in a secure water tank above the ground, with two separate access points for people and livestock.


can provide one person with Water for Life.


can provide 2 people with Water for Life


can provide a family with Water for Life.


Equip the Al Shifa Maternity Hospital in Gaza.

The Al-Shifa hospital in the Gaza strip is the only hospital that provides maternity services in the Gaza governate. Despite being recently constructed the hospital wing is under-resourced to support the health needs of mothers and newborns as the Ministry struggle with the current pandemic and ongoing blockade. Islamic Relief intend to provide urgent equipment, machines and furniture items to ensure the maternity services is operating at full service and is fit for purpose. Equipment includes new inpatient beds, ECG machines, pulse oximeters, ultrasound technology, examination beds, trollies and wheelchairs.